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The Origin Story

"Try to picture this with me for a second. It's a warm October evening in 2010 in Dallas, Texas. A family of three - mom, dad, and a 6-year-old boy - is sitting around the dinner table talking about their day. Mom and dad begin discussing how they have decided to adopt an angel together off of the Salvation Army Angel Tree. They figure they could both provide a child with a Christmas and at the same time teach the boy about the importance of helping others. Sure enough, the boy catches on and asks to adopt one too. Mom and dad tell him yes but explain that he must earn the money to do so. With ambition in his little voice, he holds a phone barely small enough to fit in his hand to his ear and asks other family members if he can do odd jobs for them. His efforts earn him $100 and he adopts 1 angel of his own.

Money in hand, the little boy stares up at the Walmart sign, ready to give another kid his age the best Christmas ever. After an hour of looking through toys and thumbing through articles of clothing, he makes his picks and purchases the items for his angel. The boy labels and loads all of the gifts into the trademark red bag of the Salvation Army and delivers his angel's gifts to the Salvation Army at Dallas's Northpark Mall. Being a 6-year-old, he is unable to grasp the magnitude of what he has just done.

Two weeks later, he wakes up on Christmas morning with only the thoughts of presents and warm coffee cake on his mind. He puts on his socks, excitedly running into the living room and, sliding up to the Christmas tree, he finally sees it: two white cards with the names, needs, wants, and clothing sizes of two kids his age. They are the two angels he and his family adopted. It finally sinks in... the thought of two kids somewhere else getting to feel same joy he feels, because of him. Thoughts of presents and coffee cake completely diminish as he falls and silent begins to glow with joy. He realizes how much of a difference donating just a little bit of your time and effort can make. It is at this moment that Charlie's Angels is born. That little boy is me, now 11 years older and a senior at Jesuit College Preparatory School of Dallas. My name is Charlie Borowczak, and I am the Charlie behind Charlie's Angels."

Where are we today?

"As the years have gone by, Charlie's Angels has morphed and changed as it develops into the finely tuned machine that it has become. One key point to understand about Charlie's Angels, however, is it's entirely a team effort. It runs off of the generosity and passion of those who answer the call to help make it possible. It is no longer me. Sure, I coordinate and run the project, but the true essence of Charlie's Angels lies in the golden hearts of each and every one of our helpers. THAT is where we are today...not one kid trying to make it happen, but hundreds of people contributing every year to make it possible. I have been fortunate enough to watch my vision of Charlie's Angels come to fruition, something I have hoped for since the very beginning: that every year, more and more people donate and join and we make Christmas possible for as many children as possible. What started with one angel has now increased to 185 angels, and is soon to be 500 angels! To date, we have adopted 430 angels, soon to be 930 angels in total. I thank God every day that He surrounded me with such generous people who help make this possible. It's the middle of summer and yet, the spirit of Christmas is in the air. It is truly breathtaking, looking at where we were and how far we have come, and even as I say this, I am tearing up."

~Charlie Borowczak

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