What We Do

How does Charlie's Angels work?

Step 1: Raise funds

January - October is focused mainly on raising funds. This is done through odd jobs and taking donations.

Step 2: Adopt angels

Because of how much Charlie's Angels has grown, we coordinate directly with the Salvation Army to adopt the angels. They give us the angel cards and we distribute them to our shoppers.

Step 3: Shop for angels

This is where the fun starts. Once we have the angels in hand, we divide them up to those who have volunteered to help shop, known as the "Shop Squad". Each shop squad member gets a packet with their angels, money, and instructions for shopping with a drop off date, time and place.

Step 4: Angel collection

When shoppers bring their angels back, they drop them with us and we enter them back into the database to ensure each angel is accounted for. After that we put the red bag in our U-Haul and the shopper’s job is done.

Step 5: Return angels to the Salvation Army

The morning after the angel drop off, we drive our U-Haul to the Salvation Army distribution center to deliver our angels. Once we unload them into the warehouse, we return the U-haul and the action phase of Charlie’s Angels is finished.

Step 6: Finishing touches

Now, we tally up all of the leftover cash we get that our shoppers return to us and put it into the fund for the next year. After we send thank you notes, the project is finished for the year.

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